The Story

Specialized in jewelery since 1960 and heir to a tradition of jewelery handed down from father to son, la MAISON Ben Youssef Jewelery signs and realizes an original collection of jewels whose character highlights practices inspired by the great masters of jewelery. This sense of inspiration, coupled with a high-tech know-how, also offers its clientele the possibility of making high-end jewelery, designed specifically to MEASURE AND UNIQUE WORK.
La MAISON Ben Youssef Jewelery performs an authentic work, which is enriched with its values ​​and history to meet the demand of its clientele of connoisseurs and conquered connoisseurs…

Because between us, it is much more than jewels, it’s a passion!

The know-how

The high jewelery know-how of the Ben Youssef Jewelery House has been passed on since 1960, from one generation to the next. Created in the heart of the Medina of Tunis, jeweler and jeweler creations reflect this exceptional know-how and testify to the Tunisian taste. Using a method worthy of the greatest houses, jeweler, crimper, polisher and engraver bring life to the jewel.

Inspiration and creativity

Jewelry design is more than a lucrative business, it is an art in its own right. Our jewelery artisans put all their know-how at your disposal to make your jewelry items unique to your image.

The manufacturing process begins with the drawing of a sketch that is a sketch of the jewel with the characteristics of the different pieces. Then, this draft is worked on computer using specific software. This step is the 3D modeling that is done with very precise CAD tools. At the end of this operation, the jewel begins to take shape, at least virtually.

Once the modeling is finished, the experts of La Maison Ben Youssef Jewelery proceed to the printing of the file thanks to a printer 3Dimensions of the highest technicality and this in order to obtain a model. This piece will be made with wax and will be the real size of the jewel to create: this step is more commonly called molding.

Once the gold is injected on the final mold, our experts deploy all their concentration for the last step which is the finishing of the piece:

Crimping, polishing and engraving are therefore the last manufacturing points of the jewel. Crimping, the operation that follows casting, requires the use of appropriate tools: a hammer (a tiny electric jackhammer), as well as chisels and stalls of very small size.