The diamond is not only a gift of lovers, it is also an excellent investment! The certification of diamonds, which must meet very specific quality criteria, has enabled the diamond to become a fully fledged investment asset, which can be traded on the stock market. Jewelery-based diamonds are a matter of both favorite buying and smart investing.

The quality and value of a diamond are determined by a set of criteria known as the “4Cs” of the diamond. This is the color (Color), the size (Cut), the purity (Clarity) and the carat weight (Carat). It is important to know these criteria to buy all your diamonds, in peace.

The color of the diamond

Color’ : it’s the first of 4 C.

A diamond is assessed according to color criteria that follow the order of the alphabet, starting with the letter D for the highest quality and up to the letter Z. Ben Youssef jeweller never goes beyond the quality J.

The size of the diamond

Cut’ : this is the second of 4 C.

The size of a diamond is important because it reveals the brilliance and brilliance of the stone. Even colorless and pure, a badly cut diamond will not give all its fires and its value will be affected. Ben Youssef Jewelery pays particular attention to the size of its diamonds

The purity of the diamond

Clarity’ : this is the third of 4 C.

The “defect” in a diamond is measured in terms of inclusions. Their number, distribution, size and type have a decisive impact on the value of the stone. A pure diamond has no inclusion.

The carat weight of the diamond

Carat’ : it is the last of 4 C.

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The larger diamonds are also the rarest, the price of a diamond grows exponentially with its weight, at equal quality. Learn more about the concept of carats to learn how to balance a diamond’s quality and weight.